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Unexpected expenses

Problems with a car are not always on time. And which ones are the most surprising? Of course those which are associated with the engine, because it is the most important and expensive car part. Engine health is the subject of this article.

Sand or metal, what will like the engine?

I used to hear a lot about oil additives and decided to understand whether they are useful, if yes, how should they be applied.

How to stop oil burning. My experience.

How many times per month you add engine oil? Once, twice, or maybe more frequently? I think, that each car owner feels himself disappointed when he comes back to the shop for buying of another liter of engine oil. I would like to share with you my experience of oil burning prevention.

Engine oils, which reduce fuel consumption

Each year automotive market presents new types of motor oils. Why do they do that? Why engine oils, created 5-10 years ago, do not satisfy modern engines manufacturers?

Engine Flush, which one is better to use?

Use or not to use engine flush? It is one of the most controversial questions. Some car owners claim, that the engine does not need in cleaning.