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Each year automotive market presents new types of motor oils. Why do they do that? Why engine oils, created 5-10 years ago, do not satisfy modern engines manufacturers?

The truth is that, now the new world trend is the saving of energy resources together with money economy. And if you think that it does not regard you, you are deeply mistaken! I’m sure, that your friends and familiars already use new popular energy saving lamps.

Automotive industry great advanced in the manufacturing of engines, which use only energy saving oils. During 10 last years, largest auto manufacturers recommend to use energy saving oils for modern engines. What is the difference between new modern energy saving oils and oils «from the past»? How do they save hundreds of dollars for one service interval?

Imagine the flight of airplain. Even a child knows that passenger aircraft “Boing” flies at an altitude of 10 000 meters. The reason is air density, it is high on the small altitude and aircraft consumes more fuel to overcome air resistance. In case if the altitude is higher, plane can not manoeuvre because of rarefied air an will fall out. Therefore, the altitude 10,000 meters is ideal for fuel saving and safety maneuvering. It is surprising, but similar processes occur every day in cars!

Normal engine oil creates huge resistance for all engine units, as a result car consumes more fuel spending your money. Energy saving engine oil is quiet the contrary has low viscosity and minimally resists to friction pairs. However, oil viscosity index can be reduced up to critical level during its operating time, and metal-to-metal contact is unavoidable, as a result, engine will be worn.

Oil viscosity is always reduces; it is a normal process for every engine oils. That is why using of low viscosity oils depends on several features. To start, let's learn how to distinguish energy saving oil from the ordinary one.

engine oils

For example, there are 2 kinds of well-known engine oil Castrol 5W-30: oil with mark "A3/B4" is normal, oil with mark"A5" - "eco". The difference is oil viscosity level. When we are talking about it, we mean special type of viscosity, named HTHS. This abbreviation is expanded as High Temperature High Shear Viscosity.

The value HTHS-viscosity performs the same role in the engine oil, as a certain height for plane, which does not allow the plane to fall and at the same time to save the fuel - according to various reports, up to 20%. It is interesting, that viscosity is determined at a fantastic shear of oil film, for example, in order to have the same shear velocity in paint layer, you would be needed to move the roller at a speed of 16 km per second. And it is the solar escape velocity! It appears that the modest-looking little engine of your vehicle can make the engine oil work at space velocities.

There was a need to create a special product which stabilizes the thickness of oil film in extreme conditions-stabilizer of HTHS viscosity. Name of this product is iMagnet P14. Producer of this antifriction complex, relying on results of tests and researches, claims that the pouring of one bottle iMagnet P14 to 4 liters of motor oil restores HTHS-motor oil viscosity. It means that all standard oil properties will be rehabilitated. On practice, it means that your engine will be protected during all its service interval. iMagnet P14 can give your engine oil new lease of life in the conditions of low-quality fuel and in case if the oil manufacturer saved on oil additive package.

imagnet p14

Using new innovative oil additive iMagnet P14 will give your car:

• Fuel economy up to 20%. Atifrictional complex P14 reduces friction in gas distributing mechanism and cylinder-piston group. Thank to that, engine efficiency is increasing.

• Engine protection. Motor oil stabilizer contains polymers, which help the oil create special protecting film, reducing the risk of oil film rupture in friction zones at high loads.

• More power.(up to 8%). The friction modifier included in the "iMagnet P14", effectively protects bearings of the crankshaft, increasing the motor power. iMagnet effect is comparable with chip-tuning aimed to increase the motor power.