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Problems with a car are not always on time. And which ones are the most surprising? Of course those which are associated with the engine, because it is the most important and expensive car part. Engine health is the subject of this article.

Engine failure

Engine failure is not typical but extremely unpleasant situation.

Let's start from far. What symptom at an early stage makes it clear that something is wrong with the engine? The most common is oil burning. To be precise, oil burning above norm as a film on the walls of the cylinders gets mixed with gasoline and burns down with it. So that’s how it must be.

But when the car owner notices that he spends half of the liter of engine oil instead 100g on 1000 km, he gets a nervous trembling. Starts endless calls to friends, who probably knows the reason, surfing auto forums and quite often these sources are correct (at least in general terms) – something’s wrong with the engine, obviously it doesn’t work in a normal mode. Now specifically about why it occurs, and these are three main reasons for oil burning:

  1. Worn seals valves,
  2. Worn piston ring,
  3. Damaged or worn internal surfaces of cylinders.

All these factors carry a message - working surfaces of the engine as a result of wear got exhausted so that oil leaks more than necessary. And this symptom is very alarming; most often when there is a thick smoke from exhaust pipe and raises oil consumption, the engine is left to live not for long.

Blue smoke from the exhaust pipe

Blue smoke from the exhaust pipe is a sign of problems with the engine

What actions do not solve the problem at all but at the same time many motorists do? Adding engine oil to the extent of its burning. Why this solution is absolutely wrong? Engine wears out at an accelerated rate, oil burning will only increase with time, and the engine will run more 10-20 thousand kilometers depending on its condition and then can die.

So, adding oil over and over again is not only non-effective but also harmful. What to do then? A radical way is an engine overhaul. It happens sooner or later with any engine, the question is when it happens. This method is effective, but it has a very significant drawback – a price. On average, an overhaul for inexpensive foreign car will cost at least 40 thousand rubles. Not cheap, right?

Engine overhaul

Engine overhaul can cost a small fortune

But there is one more option-chemical help, more specifically an engine oil additive-remetallizer. It is a mixture of nanoparticles of liquid metals. The idea is that nanoparticles, getting into the engine under high temperatures, interact with micro cracks inside the engine thereby restoring its structure. Sounds tempting? That’s the way it is. This is an elementary physical process that additive manufacturers use. In addition, this effect is proved by variety of tests and confirmed by the experience of many generations of motorists. Additive RESURS, by the way, is on the market since 2001, and many people pass from mouth to mouth its unusual properties in the restoration of the engine. For all the time it has been sold more than 10 million RESURS bottles in 30 countries!

Millions of tiny nanobots particles inside the bottle work for you, increasing the life of the engine in twice.

Simple arithmetic: if the engine remains to live 10 thousand kilometers, after adding RESURS it’ll live another 20 thousand. If 50 thousand kilometers, the engine will run 100 thousand. But if engine parts just started to wear out and the engine is about to run 100 thousand, after pouring RESURS it can be expected to run 200 thousand before repair. Great savings, isn’t it?

resurs total

RESURS Total extends engine life in twice

Summing up all above, we make for ourselves few simple conclusions. Oil burning, as well as thick smoke from the exhaust pipe is a symptom of wear of its most important parts, and depending on damage degree the engine may require an expensive overhaul after 10-50 thousand kilometers. The use of remetallizer RESURS extends in twice your engine life before the required repair, by stopping oil burning, reducing its costs and reducing further damage to the engine parts.